Red Coral Stone vs. Ruby Stone: Which Gemstone Offers Better Value?

Concerning the types of the gemstone to choose in the market, there are two prominent choices available in the market namely Red Coral Stone and Ruby Stone. Diamond and sapphire are both precious stones and esthetic gemstones of considerable worth but with various uses and capacities. As mentioned in the preceding sections, this post will give the comparisons of two quite valuable Red Coral Stone and Ruby Stone especially in terms of its value, uses and specialty used.

Origins and Characteristics

Red Coral Stone:

Red Coral Stone, also referred to as Moonga, is an organic gemstone entity mounted from the skeletons of sea creatures, referred to as Corallium Rubrum. This type of water is principally identified in the Mediterranean and the Pacific bodies of water. Red Coral Stone is generally characterised by its red colour, although it may include light pink shades at times. It has also found its use in jewellery and holds a significant place among the Vedic astrologers for the power they attribute to it as a guardian of courage, energy and passion.

Ruby Stone:

The natural, untreated ruby is a gemstone from the corundum family and is one of the four precious gemstones along with diamond, sapphire, and emerald. It is a precious stone famous for its red colour and is commonly found in Myanmar, Thailand and Sri-Lanka. Rubies primarily, due to their remarkable hardness, coming just after diamonds, and the brilliance that comes with them. In earlier times, rubies have been associated with royal, romantic and protective powers.

Price Comparison

Red Coral Stone Price:

The Red Coral Stone Price depends on the colour, size, and the origin of the piece. The Red Coral Stones which are uniform in red hue and free of any spots and lines are considered to be of better quality and are costly compared to others. While speaking of average price for a good quality of Red Coral Stone it can VARIES from $20 $200 per Carat. It may also vary depending on the work that has been put on the pieces from carving the stone to the final polishing process.

Ruby Stone Price:

Rubies are among the most valuable gemstones worldwide due to fragmented supply and high demand. Ruby Stone’s price is another factor that has relationships with the stone‚Äôs colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Among the most wanted rubies are the pigeon blood rubies characterised by a true red shade with the surprising blue overtone. One should note that qualified rubies can easily cost anything between $500 and $10,500 per carat approx. In addition, accessibility, history and struggle of source can increase the cost of a ruby, especially if it is a Burmese ruby.

All forms of healing are valuable in astrology and healing systems.

Red Coral Stone:

In Vedic astrology each stone is associated with a specific planet, and the Red Coral Stone is also related to planet Mars. This particular belt is thought to instil courage, strength as well as determination in its owner. It is also believed to energise the physical body and the mind, fight off fear as well as shield its owner from negative energy forces. Because of its organic formation, Red Coral is used symbolically in emotional healing and overcoming of challenges.

Ruby Stone:

Ruby Stone is synonymous with the Sun in astrology, passion, love, and power. Apparently it is said to bring confidence, success and energy if the wearer of the dress slips into it. Another benefit that is associated with this precious stone is that it can be used as jewelry that helps one avoid misfortune, and ill health in this case. For purposes of therapeutic qualities, it was believed that rubies possess the ability to purge our system of toxins, invigorate the blood flow and be generally beneficial to the body.

Choosing the Right Gemstone

When deciding between a Red Coral Stone and a Ruby Stone, several factors should be considered:When deciding between a Red Coral Stone and a Ruby Stone, several factors should be considered:

1. Purpose: But if you are interested in the stone that will bring you luck as per the astrology or to heal some or the other emotional issues then the Red Coral Stone could be best suited for you. If one is looking for a gemstone to be put in a ring because of its pleasant look and sparkle, setting aside its value and origin, then the Ruby Stone is perfect.

2. Budget: When it comes to cost the gap between these two types of stones is quite significant. Red Coral Stones are less costly making it easier for everyone to purchase without attaining the same elegance and advantage as above. Rubies which are more expensive are preferred due to the timeless and luxury three piece suits look associated with them.

3. Personal Preference: Lastly, it falls to preference as to which one is easier or preferred among both ways of categorising games. There are those who might have a natural affinity to the natural appeal of the Red Coral Stone; others will be inclined to the raw allure of the Ruby Stone.


Even though Red Coral Stone and Ruby Stone they both enchant with their own qualities and properties. Red Coral Stone has been recognized to possess both aesthetic value and healing powers and these have created demand in the market among those seeking to benefit from powers attributed to astrological qualities and gemstones. On the other hand , the Ruby has been known to possess extreme brilliance and is a stone that is historically associated with royal power . It is therefore by this understanding of the differences and values of these gemstones one should be able to make the right decision that is best suited to his/her expectations.

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